Ordained Interfaith Minister

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Unity of New York - My COVID-19 Response - VIDEO

Living Love in the Modern World 

On March 15 I broadcast my message from the Unity of New York offices as part of our weekly service, but this time with no live congregation - just a virtual one. I cover the importance of love right now especially and delve into what the word can mean if we dig deeper than the usual Hallmark and pop song cliches. With references to Martin Luther King, the Quakers, Jesus, and my mom. The full talk is around 25 minutes. 

Unity of New York - Divine Revelation & Inspiration - VIDEO

Receiving the Word: Divine Revelation & Inspiration

See my premiere talk at Unity of New York, recorded live at Symphony Space in New York City on May 19, 2019. In it I offer a three-point program for accessing the divine creative realm. With references to Jesus, Moses, Rumi, Eckhart Tolle and more.    OR   See the talk as presented in Norwalk,CT

Martin Luther King and The Call to a Higher Law - AUDIO

Martin Luther King and the Call to a Higher Law.
We often hear about the Dream on MLK Day, but Dr. King had a lot more to say and his radical message challenges us today to bring our spiritual beliefs into the world in a tangible way. Given at The New Thought Spiritual Center of Long Island, January 20, 2019. (MLK Weekend) 

From Killing to Kindness - VIDEO

From Killing to Kindness - Spiritual Lessons from the 6th Commandment.
A metaphysical look at "Thou Shalt Not Kill," going deeper than we normally do. Given at Unity of Long Island, Fall, 2018.  NOTE - The talk starts around 1:45, after the Charlton Heston movie clip....

From Greed to Gratitude - VIDEO

From Greed to Gratitude - Spiritual Lessons from the 10th Commandment.
A metaphysical look at "Thou Shalt Not Covet..."  The talk looks at our modern tendency toward greed and how we can move toward gratitude as a practice. Given at Unity of Long Island, Fall, 2018.  NOTE - The talk starts at around 2:30, after the Charlton Heston movie clip. 

Spiritual Lessons of Star Wars - 3 minute excerpt

This is the final 3 minutes of a 25-minute talk I gave on Star Wars (the original trilogy). It was part of the 2018 summer film series at Unity of Long Island . 

Being Fully Present in the Moment - 1 minute excerpt

This is a 1 minute excerpt from a class I taught at Unity of New York, inspired by Eric Butterworth, on being fully present in the moment. 

Illusion & Reality, Unity vs. Multiplicity - 1 min. excerpt

This is a 1-minute excerpt from a class I taught at Unity of New York. Inspired by Eric Butterworth, I use H2O as a metaphor to illustrate unity vs. multiplicity. Ice, Water, and Steam are all one - yet distinct.